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The dual mobility concept was invented in 1975 by Professor Gilles BOUSQUET and the engineer André RAMBERT, the founder of SERF.

The main focus of their work was to increase joint stability and reduce surface wear. The system consists of a thin metal back cup into which a mobile polyethylene insert is fitted. This retentive insert, the distinctive geometry of which was patented in 1975, articulates around the prosthetic head.
The result is a very stable implant that reproduces the natural anatomy and movement of the joint far more accurately than any other hip replacement system.
The dual mobility concept, which was considered ground-breaking at the time, has now been widely adopted.

The Novae® Stick is a cemented version which can be used with or without the K E reinforcement cross. It has no peripheral band. The K E cross incorporates PMMA spacers to prevent bottoming out and ensure an adequate cement mantle.